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P.J. Mehta's
Practical Medicine
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Preface to the Nineteenth Edition

As we present to you the latest and nineteenth edition of P.J.Mehta’s “Practical Medicine” we would like to acknowledge the guidance and contribution of the earlier editors of the same. Esteemed Dr. P.J.Mehta published the first edition of “Practical Medicine for Students and Practitioners” in the year 1979. Thereafter all the following editions have been updated with attention to all minute details and written comprehensively ensuring the coverage of maximum common clinical cases and other essential data. The book highlights the fact that in spite of constant advances in the field of medicine through new discoveries and high tech treatments; bedside medicine still plays an important role in everyday life.

To make it more attractive and user friendly for the first time P.J. Mehta’s “Practical Medicine” is available in four colours and is accompanied by many extra visual aids to help students and practitioners to understand the subject of Medicine better. Signs and symptoms of many clinical cases have been clarified with the help of photographs. New figures, tables, charts and digital X-rays have been added throughout the book. The chapters on Cardiology and Neurology have been completely revised in accordance with the latest information and the HIV section has been updated with the latest guidelines.

We would like to express our gratitude to many individuals and groups like Dr. Bharat Parekh and the Dept. of Imaging, Holy Spirit Hospital, Andheri (E), Mumbai, for the use of digital X-ray images in this edition., to the late Dr. Suren Kothari, Hon. Prof., Dept. of Radiology, BYL Nair Hospital for allowing us to use their X-rays, Dr. Sharad Shah for the ERCP pictures and Dr. Ami Shah for the Radiology line drawings.

We are extemely grateful for the encouragement from Dr. Neha A. Kothari, Mrs. Ayesha S. Mehta, Mrs. Labdhi N. Mehta, Mrs. Shilpa S. Joshi and Dr. Deepti Ghia.

Our heartfelt thanks go to Mr. P. S. Shah and Mr. Raju Shah of National Book Depot, Mr. Harshanandan Trivedi of Urvi Compugraphics and Mr. Anup Sheth of Chandulal & Co.

Last but not the least to all students, teachers, friends and critics who have contributed constructive feedback, we express our sincere thanks. We hope that the enthusiasm expressed in receiving the earlier editions is extended to our latest edition in equal terms and hope that the book rises to your expectations.

We look forward to receiving your valuable feedback by email or post.


August 2009
Dr. Shilpa P. Mehta
Dr. Shashank R. Joshi
Dr. Nihar P. Mehta